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Hayden is a fan of neither Edward Snowden nor the film.“The movie made him out to be a hero,” the retired four-star U. Air Force general grumbled during a 20-minute flight to the Rockefeller family estate in Westchester. On one side was Kykuit, the famous country home; on another, an incongruous red barn, surrounded by livestock, and everywhere were sand traps for golf. “If you drink this, I’m not responsible,” she said.

director had just met Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of the recent Oliver Stone film a sympathetic portrayal of the notorious leaker of classified information. Approaching by air revealed the patchwork of timeworn mansions and follies that make up the Rockefeller estate. empire; Verizon Wireless president Ronan Dunne; and restaurateur Eugene Remm. Also: Rent the Runway co-founder, Jennifer Fleiss; Fubu founder Daymond John; producer Marci Klein (daughter of Calvin); Barclays Vice Chairman Tim Luke; Factory P. It’s been, ‘experience first, not young talent first,’ and I think today marked a public shift in that.”Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Fox News anchor, interrupted him with a tall glass from the bar.

A crowd of male and female millennial types, aspiring trainers who are learning the Rumble way, look up from their phones and nod at me.

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MARK SANCHEZ, 23 Jets quarterback With his Super Bowl dreams shattered, this guy’s surely in need of some TLC. “What he has that Ferrell doesn’t have is that he’s cute. He also has the youth thing and a rock ’n’ roll edge to him,” says comedy expert Bill Knoedelseder, author of “I’m Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Standup Comedy’s Golden Era.” Plus, we bet he’s got JT’s number in his cellphone. Jay Leno is worth $300 million, and Letterman is closing in on a billion, after working five days a week for 30 years.

Adorable Sanchez — a huge Dave Matthews Band fan who loves Broadway shows, ’80s pop music and Taco Bell — has a bit of free time on his hands now that his football season is over. And with those dark curly locks, you guys can share hair products. 1 i Tunes album (“Incredibad”) and even won an Emmy for “D – – k in a Box” with Justin Timberlake. Pros: Knoedelseder says Samberg probably makes $2 million to $3 million a year with his “SNL” contract and could be worth more than $100 million in five years with movie deals. There’s a big living to be made here.” Cons: When it comes to jokes, nothing is off-limits. ROBERT “TOPPER” LIVINGSTON MORTIMER, 34 Banker He’s shy and reserved, and usually lets the ladies in his life hog the spotlight (see: fame-hungry ex Tinsley, or current on-again/off-again flame, Vogue-ette Valerie Boster).

He hasn’t had any high-profile girlfriends, nor has he provided fodder for gossip columns (unusual for an athlete! This makes him the perfect scandal-free, laid-back So Cal boy. If pedigree is everything to you, note this: He’s the great-grandson of Standard Oil President Henry Morgan Tilford, his family traces its origins back to John Jay and his namesake was one of the original drafters of the Declaration of Independence.

Plus, his contract is worth $50 million over five years, with a guaranteed $28 million, but could be worth up to $60 million with incentives. Pros: Ever since high school, you’ve always wanted to date a football player. Mortimer knows how to negotiate the social scene — he just prefers to stay out of it.

Let’s face it: By the time March rolls around, you’re usually pretty sick of winter’s perma-gray.