Who is shayne lamas dating

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The happy—albeit odd—news comes a year after Shayne lost the baby boy she was carrying after a rare uterine rupture. Doctors performed emergency surgery but the couple's son, whom they later named Rex Jagger, was growing outside her uterus and couldn't be saved.

Shayne then underwent an emergency hysterectomy, and she lost her uterus and half her bladder. 10, Shayne paid tribute to her son via Instagram: "I might not carry you in my arms but I will always carry you in my heart.

Her engagement with Grant was called off in July 2008.

She married Nik Richie, who is the founder of the website The in 2011.

Shayne Lamas was born on November 6, 1985 in Santa Monica, California, USA as Shayne Dahl Lamas.