Who is hwanhee dating

Kuhn: Really wouldn’t care for it himself but he’ll be really curious if you actually saw the news about you two yet.Kogyeol: Honestly he’ll be more surprise how the news came to be when it’s not even true rather then the news itself.

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Request: If you don’t want to do all the members (which would be appreciated ^.^), how would Hwanhee, Xiao, and Gyujin react to getting in a dating scandal with someone they liked (but weren’t dating)? Love your blog 💜 //hwaiting// Request: Ayo~ How would the members react to being in a dating scandal with the girl that they like? Jinhoo: If you guys did talk then he’ll message you right away to see how your reacting to it.

💜 Thanks to both of you 💜 I can’t really think of how differently they can react so it might be really similar and short reaction for all of them.

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Shi-Jin takes an order to lead his soldiers on a peacekeeping mission to the country of Uruk. First of all, DTOS is not your everyday typical korean drama, it's deffrent even the concept is totally unique.