Millionaire dating sites in the world

Contact us if you don't find what you are looking for or send us your stories. Till now, the site has over 2.9 million registered users. Read our reviews, dating tips and blog articles to find answers to your questions. Millionaire Match is the world's first and largest SERIOUS dating site that specifically caters to millionaires, billionaires, financially successful men and women, and attractive or ambitious singles who want to date up.

Join the top ones and meet rich single men in your city today! The site also allows you to seek casual relationships, but sugar daddy relationships are not promoted, i.e, they don't like gold diggers.

Check out our list of the top 10 best rich men dating sites and dating apps that specifically cater to the rich and attractive. Their members consist of many self-employed men and women, executives, and elite singles who are successful in career but lack of romance and love life.

Stability and appearance are often among the top dating preferences.

Some want to be with someone who can make them feel secure in life and appreciate them for taking care of their health and looks — while others want someone who they can dote over and who wants them for them and not just what they have.

However, Match is the most popular dating site on the web, with 30 million users and counting.

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