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MMO co-founder Rob Hand combined his passions for entrepreneurship and the outdoors to create the app.MMO targets workout fanatics, outdoor enthusiasts, and people looking to find a connection based on more than the superficiality of other dating apps.This time "peerless, fearless and merciless Ikora" and Commander Zavala, the man with a plan get the starring roles.

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However, by no means did that…March Report 2016 No Demo Video This Month Summary Wow so sorry for the super late update. We had our hands full promoting Steam Greenlight, which we did get in!

Couples who sweat together, stay together - or at least that’s the premise of Meet Me Outside (MMO), a Boston-based dating app bringing fit, adventurous singles together.

“The funny thing was, the dating app world wasn’t really facilitating any dating,” explained Hand. We recognized we could fill in the gap in the dating app market by targeting people who are passionate about health and wellness, and facilitate the actual dating aspect of it.” With this concept in mind, Hand and his college friend and co-founder, Harry Di Leo, began to build the app’s foundation.

Similar to other dating apps, users create an account by logging in through Facebook to automatically upload their photos, age, location, and gender.

Still hammering away at those bugs and glitches that crop up.