Assia adult dating sites - Jane austen dating advice

Dating advice and advice on how to find love has been given out over history in large doses.

But if we think about it, Jane Austen’s rules as she illustrated through her novels, are some of the ones that have really stuck.

So take a look at some of the most important rules from Jane Austen and tell us, have you lived by these in your search for love over the years? If you have a set of qualities that you look for in a potential partner, don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t meet these important values. Public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum.

Your life will be much easier if you have someone with a similar value set to yourself. While everyone may know that you and your significant other are an item, you don’t need to show it to the general public. Finding men who are strong, manly and who have a mature outlook on life is important if you want to find someone who is a true life partner who will fulfil the role of husband. While we want to find someone who like us for ourselves, there is no harm in making sure you present your best self and show that you can look after yourself independently.

Jane Austen's books are famous for their romantic plot lines, but they were about more than just weddings.