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Kizomba music emerged as a more modern music genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythm and Haitian Kompa. Cape Verdean singers and producers with kizomba compilations include Suzanna Lubrano, Kaysha, Atim, Nilton Ramalho, Johnny Ramos, Nelson Freitas, Mika Mendes, Manu Lima, Cedric Cavaco, Elji, Looney Johnson, Klazzik, Mark G, To Semedo, Beto Dias, Heavy H, Marcia, Gilyto, Kido Semedo, Ricky Boy, Klaudio Ramos, M&N Pro, Gilson, Gil, G-Amado, Philip Monteiro, Gama, Juceila Cardoso and Denis Graça, .

Original influential music styles from Cape Verde are funaná, morna, coladeira and batuque.

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The word "Angola" derives from the title used by the rulers of the Ndongo state.