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Malan, who made just 35 runs in two matches in the recent South Africa series, was delighted to make a contribution and learn from one of the best in game.“I needed that,” he said.

“I didn’t look like scoring a run against South Africa so it was nice to hit a few in the middle of the bat, and feel a bit more composed at the crease.

Wallace the Applicants are still prepared to enter into an agreement with the Respondent on the terms set out in Annexure "W3”.

On the other hand, the Respondent contends that it had made certain payments which are deductions to be made from the purchase price of R1.3 million. Wallace, upon hearing this he requested a breakdown of these claimed deductions and the Respondent presented to him annexure "W4" attached to the Founding papers. Wallace remarked that the Applicants are, subject to substantiation, prepared to accept that these payments appearing on Annexure "W4" were made and fall to be deducted from the purchase price. Wallace made it clear that the agreement envisaged as per Annexure "W3" did not materialize and was not entered into. Wallace on 27 October 2008, Van der Ross & Motala Inc.

Prior to the provisional liquidation of Piaswrap DF Malan Attorneys ("DF Malan") were the attorneys acting for Piaswrap.