Preset database doesn t exist try updating from preset manager

This article explains how to install a new version of your setup project using the Windows Installer update mechanism.

When you need to build a new version of your setup project or ship fixes to it, it’s tempting to rebuild the project and try to install the MSI file.

preset database doesn t exist try updating from preset manager-38

For example, if "Always ask me where to save files" is selected, select "Save files to" and choose a download folder, then go back and re-select "Always ask me where to save files".

[10] If you still have problems you can restore the default Firefox download folder settings as follows: Enter about:config in the address bar. Scroll through the list ( or type in the Filter box) and reset any of the following preferences that have a user set status (right-click on the preference and click "Reset"): You can then change back to your preferred download folder settings, if you wish, in your Firefox options/preferences. To fix this problem on Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier, open Safari Preferences and check the "Save downloaded files to:" setting.

Instead of choosing a download folder you can try resetting the browser.Dir preference in about:config (see below).

Save Page As" and the "Save Image As" and "Save Link As" right-click context menu options not functioning or nothing downloading when you select the "Save" option in the Firefox "Opening" dialog box [8] [9] The solution may be as simple as choosing a different download folder, then going back and re-selecting your preferred download settings in Firefox Tools - Options under "General / Downloads" ("Main / Downloads" in Firefox 3.5).

For example, you are required to authenticate your identity and purpose when crossing international borders or completing business transactions.