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Department of Defense) - Dennis Schneider - Army Surplus Agent - 30 tons of Wireless equipment Deutsche Optik - Mike Murphy sells the Harier wind dir for these guys for - be sure to shop Digi-Key - has some mil type connectors Disposal Services Agency - official UK military suplus from the MOD Don Lancaster Guru's Lair - has some surplus stuff Dorne & Margolin - see AIL Systems - see EDO Corp - Antennas - Dragon Man - S.

DRMS (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service) - DRS Technologies - SIGINT Products - WJ-8611Digital HF/VHF/UHF Receiver Electric Radio (ER) Magazine (email) - On Line Catalog parts & Literature Electro Mavin - technical electronic excess - Electronics Dimension - AB155/U masts @ 0 Electronic Goldmine - Mostly commercial components, but some government/military stuff - some Mil Surplus Electronics- Electronic Soicex - French dealer Electropuces - French dealer with English titles mostly test equip Eika-Tronic - PRC-2015 (VHF) NSN 5820-25-145-2452 & PRC-2045 (UHF) NSN 5820-25-147-6941 ESCO - Mil Radios & Accesories - Babel Fish Italian to English European Surplus (aka Swiss Link)- is in Northern California and sometimes has electronics Eyring - (computer stuff, BUT -) NVIS antennas ELPA 301A - Patents: 4839661, 4829310, 4825224, 4750001, 4743917 E-Z-Hook - In addition to the hooks they have coax connectors and adapters Fair Radio Sales - In business a long time, ask them since they have more than they advertise - highly recommended FAQ - location of Surplus stores in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia Far Circuits - printed circuit boards for many magazine articles (847) 836-9148 Illinois Flame Enterprises - ?

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