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At E3 2017, following behind closed doors demo of the new game in action, we had the chance to sit down with The Lost Legacy's two directors Kurt Margenau and Shaun Escayg - who was also heavily involved as one of the games two writers - to dive a little deeper into some of these questions.

In our short chat with the Naughty Dog duo, we were able to discover a little more about the game, how they arrived at Chloe and Nadine for this spin-off release and where it leaves the series moving forward, with or without Nathan Drake.

In the new title, Naughty Bear finds himself, once again, shunned by the inhabitants of Perfection Island.

They left for a luxury vacation to Paradise Island without him, so Naughty Bear does what any reasonably Naughty Bear would do: He crafts a hit-list of those who've wronged him, and intends to take them down, one by one.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise promises a completely over-hauled combat system, a new leveling up system, and equipment customization featuring thousands of combinations.