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As that ol’ Sesame Street song used to go “One of these things is not like the others! Now – according to the small but significant sample size of two famous vaginas I have seen this month – pubic hair is over. Or have all those who jumped on the no pube trend that began more than a decade ago, removed their hair with laser and now have no choice but to remain bald. I did do the bald thing once, in my very early twenties, as a birthday present for my then-boyfriend. I like the variety.” I honestly have no idea how many bald vaginas are in the real non-porn world. How do you explain to a pubescent daughter that pubic hair is a normal, natural part of being a women if mum doesn’t have any? As for Sophie’s missing vagina, this is a censorship issue. In practice, “healing” means erasing anything externally visible (labia majora, clitoris etc).

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“When you are at the airport, under immigration, do you write ‘trying to be famous? ” Monk: “It’s doing better than it was a few years ago. You know when you hit (gestures downward), and then you go down and up.

’” “I actually have written ‘celebrity’ once,” Monk said. So I’m trying to get lots of free stuff at the moment in case I lose it again.” was next in the firing line. It could kill a cat.") But Monk's defence of the KIIS radio program and her love of pop culture is actually what broke him. Monk: "I don’t like learning, really.” Gleeson: “Oh, that’s why you like Kyle and Jackie O? ” Gleeson: “Yeah, it’s almost as if you’re not.” Monk: “People think I’m smart.

If I had breasts like that I would be smiling all the time. But this was before porn was mainstream and before bald vaginas were the new normal. Men’s magazines like Playboy are REQUIRED by the censor to Photoshop every vagina on their pages and “heal it to a single crease”.

I found it kind of creepy and was relieved when he said he didn’t like it either. “You look like a little girl.” He was right and I don’t think I’ve ever felt less sexy. It’s not a young girl thing – at least not for them. Mamamia has written about it many times and it still comes as a shock to many people the first time they hear about it. In the nude photos of Kim Kardashian and Sophie Monk, not only have they been ‘healed’ they’ve been kind of smudged so their vaginas look kind of…..fluffy. It’s odd though because is that sexy for a guy when he can’t even see a place where he could put his penis?

Like a scene out of a romance film, the 37-year-old radio personality gazed adoringly at the mystery hunk as they sailed around Sydney watching the sunset The former pop star looked chic in skinny blue jeans paired with a layered white top and multi-coloured jacket.

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