Dating desire

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From this clearing, you’ll feel a new space in which you can envision dating from a truly authentic place.

If you feel: It is time to open yourself up to a new path – one that feels good from the inside out, where dating is expansive and full of possibility.

Dating with desire requires an honest look at who and what you’re going after – and When you set intentions from a place of clean, clear energy, life responds, and your heart – along with the intentions of your soul – will lead the way to your heart’s desire. Now is the time to commit to yourself, and the relationship of your dreams. Together, we’ll do the work to reveal and claim your Core Desired Feelings, and create a practice that brings them to life – because knowing them is just the first step.

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“Love is love” was a refrain I often heard, implying that all mutually consensual romances were pure and unquestionable. Ideas around masculinity and femininity and who fits into them are all directly related to As people concerned in social justice, we should always be vigilant whenever our behaviors seem to line up with oppressive structures, knowing full well the insidiousness and self-reinforcing nature of oppression.