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No stranger to struggle, after leaving her family at the age of 15 Lo La began using her wit and street sense to navigate through life and get past her many obstacle.

When using your Angel Credit Card to make an online purchase, you do not need to provide an expiration date.

The expiration date fields will disappear once your input your Angel Card number in checkout.

Even if she lived close by, after only a minute the water vapor coming out of the tail pipe is not visible. Like usual her day goes on and at the end of the day something goes wrong and then she wakes again on the same day in the following day which keeps repeating.

On subsequent pickups, there are no vapor clouds coming from the tailpipe, indicating the engine and exhaust system was at least moderately warm. Now how she's going to find a solution or the reason for it is covered in the rest of the film.

Samantha Kingston has it all: the perfect friends, the perfect guy, and a seemingly perfect future. After one fateful night, Sam wakes up with no future at all.