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– he keeps falling for his leading ladies , says his father Richard Redmayne, the managing director of stockbroker Seymour Pierce.

Following an interlude with Scarlett Johansson after meeting on the set of The Other Boleyn Girl, Redmayne Junior then had a moment with Michelle Williams while making My Week With Marilyn – although Clemence Poesy, Redmayne’s co-lead in his most recent project, the film adaptation of Birdsong, was apparently immune to his charms.

"No one had any idea of whether it was any good," laughs Poésy, who took her mother's maiden name for the stage.

Her father, Etienne Guichard, is a theatre director, who used to pretend to Clemence and her younger sister, Maëlle, that their TV only played videos of movies.

She came and saw Red and we went out for dinner, and even then we had to pinch ourselves.