Baekhyun and taeyeon dating

Unfortunately, the two could not make things work over their busy schedules.

Since they began dating, EXO has been busy with multiple comebacks and albums, while Girl's Generation has also been extremely busy promoting their latest album, 'Lion Heart.' The two admitted to being in a relationship in June 2014 when SM released a statement saying, "After becoming close as colleagues, the two started dating." They have been publicly dating for around 14 months.

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Come one they are at the PRIME in their life to go out socialize and date! Do you not know the negative stigma against homosexual relationships in S. Both Tae eonnie and Baekkie are getting so much thrown at them. I mean we lost Kris, I DO NOT WANT TO lose Baekhyun too. i don’t have anything to do with this matter, i don’t care what they do, but they really lost fans because they are dating? I could say bless this post, but i’ll just agree on everything. These so-called "fans" need a major dose of reality. It’s sad that the other fans just enjoying Exo’s music, and Exo are stereotyped to be crazy or irrational. About 78% or possible more in the EXO fandom are kids/younger teens and they all be delulu!!! Most are freaking jerks, cray cray, delulu, and sasaeng!!

People have started to call Taeyeon "desparate" and "shameles" and fans have called Baek "traitor". you are completely right and wow, you have so much self control for using ****. It’s only a sad few that make it worse for everyone else. EXO are my Baes forever I will always support them!!! There is only a small amount compare to the crazies that are true fans....

[ 1,374, -17] Yeah, they didn't have room to deny it because of all of the straightforward proof...

Soshi's been at the end of their careers anyway but EXO's a worry.

On Twitter, netizens commented on the pics and wondered if they are back together.