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This kind of law can be tacked onto age of consent laws, the principle is simple if the act is consensual and the partners are close-in-age (also called close-in-age exception) You're not entirely correct many jurisdictions has whats called "Romeo and Juliet" laws which protects consensual relationships if the partners are close in age, this can also apply to people who passes age 18 dating someone who is a minor.

Most of the time the questions boil down to either “how do I get my boyfriend to stop taking me for granted,” or “how do I get this guy I like to like me back?

What is illegal is if one is a minor/below the age of consent and there is intimacy. In most of Europe the age of consent is 16 and below 18 a minor.

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Women (especially young women), feel somewhat “diminished” by the idea of having to make a guy realize what he should have appreciated from the jump.

So even if it sounds like perfectly reasonable advice for a guy to say, “why don’t you just go ask him out?

But as we sat there together in the sunshine, the wine buzzing my head, I suddenly felt …

All I had was my instinct and discomfort — a bad gut feeling.

My friend's older boyfriend was close with a guy I'll call T.

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    If this is the case, you're good to go, apart from the fact that you're dating a manipulative b*tch. However, the sad alternative is that if she's not trying to make you jealous, then she is literally flirting with those guys with every intention of getting laid. But on the bright side, at least she's being considerate in her attempts not to talk to you.

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