Updating gtasa

updating gtasa-76updating gtasa-65

ASI will force game load your archives form “mods” folder.

Fragment Models Viewer Finally, Open IV fragment models viewer got support of GTA V files.

Parademic Missions 100% Complete so the health is now 150% (Maximum Health) Fire Fighter Missions 100% Complete so CJ is Fully Fire Proof Vigilante Missions 100% Complete so the armor is now 150% (Maximum Armor) Infinite Sprint that means CJ will never get tired when running or something Shawn Off Shotgun, Tec9, Molotov, AK-47 at Johnson House (Grove Street) M4, Combat Shotgun, SMG at Four Dragons Casino Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Grenades and SMG at Safe House Doherty, San Fierro Unlimited Ammo rewarded for 100% Completed All Storyline Missions 100% Completed Side Missions 100% Completed Burglary Missions 100% Completed Pimp Missions 100% Completed so Prostitutes give you money.

Vehicles in Garage (Abandoned Airstrip): Sandking, Turismo, NRG-500 and SWAT Tank (this is a very Special Vehicle that only appears on the last mission "End Of The Line'' Gang Territory 100% Max Hydra at the top of Sweet's House (Grove Street) and Rhino Tank at under the Bridge (Grove Street) Hitman Level For all weapons except for Silenced Pistol, Desert Eagle and Combat shotgun 100 of 100 tags sprayed Oysters colected all!

This is the first version of the game that shipped in 2005.

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