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Whenever I want to hear a song I walk up next to her when she's working and sing a few lines.

She then subconsciously sings that song through the day. I love the fact that she feels the need to do pooja everyday in spite of having lived in the US for 8 years. But in this particular case, I would have married her even if she wasn't Tamil, or Indian or from this world.

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They tend to take much care of the day to day activities and make sure it is all done according to the tradition and culture they believe Right from the kolam at home in the early dawn, And ofcourse Indra Nooyi from Tamil Nadu. Asker, She believes being poised with her character than being posed with her character.(She refers to every Tamil woman)Sincerely, One Indian woman.

I love the dosai and the idlis, the gun powder and the filter coffee.

Call only him as "machi" or "mamu", he will feel that you have a soft corner towards him.

Then, surely, he will start picking up your signals and will ask you out to know more about each other.

If one girl, just start to talk in a friendly way, they start to think it in a very different manner, that the girl has some feelings for him, and that is why she keep on gaining his attention.