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An endoscope (a long, thin fiberoptic tube with a tiny video camera on its end) is inserted through the mouth and down the esophagus into the stomach.The endoscopic camera is used to produce pictures of the inside of the stomach on a video monitor so that the proper spot for insertion of the PEG feeding tube can be located.

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This procedure is a less invasive alternative to an open abdominal operation (laparotomy).

Parts of the Body Involved Stomach, skin, parts of the abdominal wall Reasons for Procedure A gastrostomy tube is used to: Feed a person who has difficulty sucking or swallowing for up to 14 days or longer Drain the stomach of accumulated acid and fluids in a person with a blockage between the stomach and the small intestine Risk Factors for Complications During the Procedure Stress Obesity Smoking Excess consumption of alcohol Use of narcotics or other mind-altering drugs Use of certain prescription medications, including muscle relaxants and sedatives, anti-hypertensives, insulin, beta-adrenergic blockers, cortisone Prior surgeries that involved or may have made positioning the abdomen difficult (such as a gastrectomy) What to Expect Prior to Procedure Your doctor will likely do the following: Physical exam Medical history Review of medications Blood test Urine test X-rays of gastrointestinal tract Endoscopic examination of stomach - an endoscope is a fiberoptic tube attached to a viewing device In the days leading up to your procedure: Do not take aspirin, aspirin-containing products, or anti-inflammatory drugs for one week before the procedure after discussing this with your Do not eat or drink for at least eight hours before the procedure Arrange for a ride to and from the procedure Just before the procedure: You'll remove eyeglasses and dentures You'll remove your clothes and put on a hospital gown During Procedure: IV medications Sedative Anesthesia An endoscope will be inserted into your stomach through your mouth Anesthesia - Local, usually a lidocaine spray; IV pain reliever and a sedative Description of the Procedure - This procedure is usually done by a surgeon and a gastroenterologist working together.

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