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He hung his whistle on a sliver of bark and left it dangling, his own personal tribute to this remarkable student-athlete he coached for four years in football, two in baseball.“There is still glass in the tree,” Montgomery said, digging out what looked like chunks of windshield.

Tall and lean, a former baseball player himself at Hope College, Montgomery started to walk back to his vehicle.“He changed me as a person, not just as a coach,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery pulled over and turned on his hazard lights.

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Clients feel free to express their concerns, in a completely confidential and non-judgmental environment.

We are accredited members of COSRT (College of sexual and relationship therapists, which operates under the umbrella of UKCP).

I like us to go for a little walk around the grounds of the venue and will make suggestions for places that make beautiful backdrops, then step away and encourage you both to relax and chat to each other about the ceremony, about the moment you first saw each other, about anything really!

The best moments are the ones that happen naturally.

The best thing about winter for me is the chance to blog a few weddings that got missed from last Summer.