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) we understand why they'd connect on a career level. He Dabbles in Modeling: Russ's Instagram page is chock-full of shirtless selfies, which makes it easy to believe why he's booked plenty of modeling gigs on the side.

It appears as if Theriot mostly posed in front of the camera in his younger days, but most recently booked a photo campaign with a luxury bedding and sleepwear campaign. He's a Major Music Junkie: Let's expect Russ and Bethenny to hit up plenty of summertime concerts in the coming months since her new love interest is a jazz fanatic. He Can't Get Enough of the Great Outdoors: For living in New York City, Russ is a major nature lover.

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In one shot he was dressed as Tom Cruise's character, fighter pilot Maverick, from the 1986 movie Top Gun.