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This is an updated version of the Brook Montana scam. If this seems repetitive, that is because I am giving people the best chance to find it, and save themselves from being scammed.

Recently new sites have been discovered: ““, ““, and “” Brooklyn Miller has made appearances in multiple geographies: on Craigslist, as an Escort, and on the dating website Plenty of Fish (Po F). I wont bore you with the vagaries of search engine mechanics, other than to say google finds it easier if what you are searching is the title of the article and in the URL. This site is titled ” Brook Miller” or Brooklyn Miller.

As for me- well I'll have to make due with the short period she was working had some of the hottest tits ever.

This scam is designed to get you to sign up for a cam show web site.

Sandra's job allows her to study marine life deep in the ocean, while also helping to protect these critters and the places they call home. Mostly I go to meetings, but also scientific conferences and symposia to present my research.