Are aka and dj zinhle dating

DJ Zinhle took to Twitter to respond to her baby daddy AKA’s Twitter rant, saying she had not meant to respond but had no choice but to do so – because of the mistake AKA had made by bringing her mom into it. The rapper says Zinhle is not aware of what she is doing, indicating that Euphonik is using her, the same guy who DJ Zinhle says was “begging” her not to respond to AKA’s tweets.

AKA lost his composure on Friday afternoon after DJ Zinhle bought Euphonik’s #Nonke T-shirt and posted a picture of herself wearing it on social media. Took care of my responsibility according to her culture. According to her tweets, DJ Zinhle does not hate Bonang.

Lynn expressed that she was open to meeting Bonang and is hoping that all conflict can be resolved.

— 27/05: What is Friday morning on Twitter without a bit of spice?

She started by teasingly tweeting about the ‘Nonke’ t-shirt that prompted AKA’s outburst: She also addressed AKA’s allegations that she was coming between him and their daughter Kairo, that she was colluding with his ‘enemies’ and that she dismissed his requests to sort out their issues in private.