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Imagine: A client walks in your grading suite with 6 terabytes of footage on a Raid, drops it on your desk and says, “Please color grade this film and I have no idea which of these 6 terabytes are in my locked picture.”Question: How the heck are you supposed to copy 6 terabytes to your local, high-performance hard drives at the drop of a hat?

In some circles, they hand that RAID over to an assistant who painstakingly goes shot by shot through the film, copying each camera original file that’s used in the final timeline.

Please select Broadcast Wav or Wav if your software gives you a choice of file formats. Be sure to bypass any effects, and record the audio into DAW.

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For a 60 minute timeline we could end up with a few dozen hours of camera original footage.

Talk about a waste of time spent copying excessive media.

And a waste of hard drive space storing all that excessive media.

How about this alternative: You copy to your drives only the precise media you need?

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