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Non-standard sexual preferences are the norm in the Castro.

Hippies are still chilling at Haight-Ashbury, the place where the entire movement began in the sixties.

Of them all, Korobov, head of the Strategic Intelligence Directorate (USR: ) was clearly the front-runner. Igor Valentinovich Korobov was formally presented to the media as Sergun’s successor and presented with his pennant of office (because what self-respecting spymaster doesn’t have his own flag? If all else failed, they favored Lelin, who had been their deputy chief of staff for a while. To say that Dyumin has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the past year would be to undersell him dramatically.

And then there was nothing, except a few rumors and a string of informal “any day now” claims that an announcement was imminent. But the rival with the serious political firepower was Deputy Defense Minister Lt. Although subsequent official accounts have suggested he was in charge of the special forces who seized Crimea in spring 2014 — the so-called “little green men” — and that he owes his success to this operation, a year later, in May 2015, he was being name-checked as a colonel in the Presidential Security Service (SBP: ).

In 1868, a Moscow magistrate approved Nikolai’s petition to henceforth be called Nemirov-Kolodkin. Its products are now in many museums around the country and in private collections.