Child updatepanel updating parent

We have a structure which has 3 main Update Panels, each of which has several nested Update Panels (but only one level of nesting.) All of the panels are set to conditional with Children As Triggers set to false, so it looks roughly like this: I would expect that the On Load function of the parent update panel would never run except on the actual page load, and that the button's On Click function would be executed on every click, updating the child updatepanel.

However, the parent Update Panel IS updated on every click of the button, and the child update panel only fires afterward (as a result of the parent updatepanel's update.) Using exactly pschorf's pasted code (one updatepanel contained in another updatepanel), its possible to not fire the parent updatepanel when the child is fired?

I have also tried Children As Triggers=true, I've tried to make the update panel mode always, I've tried just about everything but my issue still persists.

Right when 10 seconds hits the Update Progress (which shows a loading data, please wait overlay is displayed.

This all works fine...however my issue is the following: Note as mentioned a parent update panel and a child update panel.