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Pages can also be dragged & dropped to change the order of the menus on the website.Whether working in Frontend or Backend mode, clicking the edit icon to update a text element brings up the very same edit panel, one which has all of the same edit icons that users are familiar with from word processors, email progams, etc.

We believe in TYPO3 and are proud to work with this excellent product.

As a partner we are honored to work with the dedicated experts of TYPO3 Inc. Together we will make TYPO3 better and provide the best solutions for our customers." Björn Jacob, CEO TRITUM: “We at TRITUM believe in the idea of an open source community that equally provides everyone with information, knowledge and support.

As a basic principle, it is always a good idea to apply software upgrades.

Any software vendor releases new versions/updates of their software in more or less regular intervals in order to eliminate security risks, fix other bugs, and improve the software with new features and technologies.

Administrators generally use Frontend editing to add and remove text and image content to or from their website.