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After analyzing their messaging data, the researchers found that Texas claims five of the top 10 cities with a high rate of cougars among the fish. “Once you hit that 50-year-old mark, there’s fewer men for the women in Dallas to date.I think that’s one of the key reasons [for the cougars],” he says.But it was on the plane flight where she made her most scandalous choice—a decision, in football parlance, to get younger at the position. The young man next to her asked what she was going to do in Vegas. He asked if she would ever consider going out with someone his age. That would suggest that, everywhere you look, professional women in heels are sharing bottles of wine with boys wearing big belt buckles and Chuck Taylors.

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She’d been emotionally bound for more than a decade of marriage, tied to a husband whose mantra was “No man desires a woman over 40.” Kathleen was 43. And it’s worth it, she says, to endure those who think there is something unseemly about someone in her 40s dating a man in his 20s.

She knew it was over when they were in Las Ventanas, in Mexico, marking their 11th anniversary. “When you are an older woman, you know who you are, and you know what you like,” Kathleen says. “They can be successful and smart, just like older men. When he puts his arm around you and you feel those biceps, you think, ‘Oh my God.

Researchers looked at 500 single women between the ages of 40 and 60.

They found that 28 percent answered “It’s purely physical and fun” when asked about the benefits of dating a younger man.

Alright, but that’s the usual case no matter where you guy. Oldright didn’t have a good theory for why DFW, or the South in general, dominates the top 10. Plenty Of Fish’s research also confounded the stereotype of cougars and spendthrifts who love to drink.