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Naval Dirks Hicks Knife 1849 Riflemans Knife Ames D Guard Bowies Model of 1880 Hunting Knife Springfield Armory Iron Guard Brass Guard Model of 1890 Intrenching Knife Springfield Armory Model of 1887 Hospital Corps Knife Springfield Armory Model of 1905 Hospital Corps Knife Springfield Armory Model of 1909 Bolo Knife Collins & Co. Plumb Springfield Armory Model of 1910 Bolo Knife Springfield Armory Model of 1917 Bolo Knife Fayette R.

Hospital Corpsman Knife Briddell Chatillion Clyde Cutlery Co.

Knife "True Value Swell Center Stockman" Proudly made in the U. Nickel silver fluted bolsters, file worked liners, handle pins, and inlaid True Value bow tie shield.

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In addition, each knife is individually laser serialized to ensure authenticity.

From our popular pocket farmer working knives to our Bootlegger’s Premium Moonshine series and holiday Special Limited Edition collections – the Kissing Crane brand is sure to have a place in your knife collection.

Each Kissing Crane knife is carefully hand-crafted with superb attention to detail.

Time-honored 440 stainless steel blades are carefully sharpened and then stamped with the classic Kissing Crane mark of quality right on the blade.

Premium handle materials including burnt bone, genuine stag and exotic woods elevate the tone of each knife, while a variety of handsome accents including abalone, mother of pearl and marble add variety to Kissing Crane’s custom designs.