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I attempted to categorize the ladies by celebrity status and selected people from all over the world.

In 1982, Leryn Franco was born in Asunción, Paraguay.

At the height of their power, the top 10 or so supermodels—a category that also included Helena Christensen, Elle Macpherson, Carla Bruni, Veronica Webb, and the baby of the group, Kate Moss—were not only raking in millions a year but also dictating which photographers, hairdressers, and makeup artists they would or would not work with.

They dominated the runways, the magazines, and the big ad campaigns to such a degree that “it became a nightmare, especially for the clients,” says Katie Ford, of Ford Models, which represented many of the biggest names. My girls stood up for me to so many designers who didn’t want to use black models.

Durante la settimana della moda del Brasile primavera/estate 2011, Lais, è stata la modella più richiesta con 27 sfilate alla San Paulo Fashion Week e 26 durante la Rio Fashion Week.

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    In 1329, the church was reconstructed after an earthquake destroyed the structure in 1319.

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