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So, you have to simply add "data.facebook" field to your webhook response. @Josh_Wolf / @x Vir Any chance one of you can update the README in the Facebook integration repo with an example on how to do all three new features? 1) Support for Sender Actions, 2) Pass array of FB messages to Webhook response and 3) Support post backs and handle them. ) and I'm having trouble figuring out where the response from that goes?

Hopefully that will help me and others in trying to decrypt exactly what is going on w. I added the option to the FB Dev config for postback messages, so now what happens is I click the button (type=postback/payload="test_postback"), and postback generates a response in the FB chat like "I encourage you to test me often. PS Have the additional changes made by Josh been merged (multiple messages, etc) - I tried to send an array and it seemed to fail EDIT: So, first off, you need an INTENT to receive it, the parameter will come through as a regular text, that part is easy.

MOSUL: Iraqi forces are steadily closing in on the remaining pockets of territory held by the Islamic State group in Mosul, inching toward a victory that coalition officials say is "only a matter of time." But unlike past urban battles against IS in Iraq, the militants in Mosul are under siege by Iraqi forces.

By afternoon, at least three coalition airstrikes were called in to clear IS fighters armed with medium machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. He said it's impossible to predict how the next few weeks of the Mosul operation will play out, but so far the siege of the Old City is slowing progress on the ground.

"Because the enemy cannot flee, the area is completely sealed off," said Brig. "We are noticing that the closer we get to the Old City, the greater the resistance," he added, looking over the roughly 8 square kilometers (3 square miles) of Mosul territory still in IS hands on a satellite mapping app.

If you don't ever engage machine learning it won't pick it up at all as far as I could tell as it always fell back to the default in spite of literally sending an exact string match to the "user says" field.

Maybe I misunderstand what the machine learning button does, but I assumed it was only a perfect string match.. I'm still facing the issue, meaning when we create a list of options which display in with the generic FB template is unable to handle the user input when the click a button. Thanks in advance See my code: data: { "facebook": Sorry to jump in here, but did this get resolved?

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