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But it’s an interesting turn of phrase that says a lot about the cultural history of the color purple.Ever since ancient Phoenicians first figured out how to grind up rare sea snails to make expensive Tyrian dye, purple has been a color that is associated with kings, priests, politicians, magistrates, and wealthy autocrats.

Yahoo’s association with the color purple is so well known that when Tumblr was bought earlier this year, Tumbr’s CEO David Karp could just say “We’re not turning purple” and everyone immediately knew what that meant: Tumblr wouldn’t be subsumed into Yahoo’s corporate biomass.

Instead, it would continue to be run like an independent company.

Tools designed to remove images based on how much flesh was visible were throwing out too many non-nude face shots, so instead a system was implemented to ignore images that contained no recognizable faces.

Imagery was saved from webcam feeds only once every five minutes, in an effort to avoid violating human rights laws and to minimize server load, The GCHQ, however, isn’t technically able to make sure no UK or US resident images are collected and stores, and UK law doesn’t prevent specific imagery of individuals from partner nations including Australia, New Zealand and Canada being accessed by individual analysts at any time.

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