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You need to take your guy card out of your wallet and pass it forward. yeah, then, on the way home I want you to buy a tube of Vagasil, a VW convertible, and have your boyfriend drive you the rest of the way home, 'cause you are dismissed. Yes your eyebrows will grow back." And if you are a man wearing capri pants...?

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Christopher titus currently dating

From Internet Movie Database: His father was a womanizing beer guzzling salesman.

Living with his father, he endured a series of stepmothers until, at age 12, he decided to run away from home.

He moved into a garage with his biological mother, a classically trained pianist.

She spent much of her time in mental institutions before finally committing suicide.

You may know Jeff Dye from his many appearances on TV. Tickets will be available for pick up at the box office prior to the show (they are generally available 1.5-2 hrs prior to showtime.) Calling all new and seasoned comics!