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In the early 1870s Thomas Radley Cadman (1833-1917) took over the firm.

The expansion of the factory made it possible also to increase the range of products, which now included scissors, shaving utensils, manicure and pedicure implements.

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We can’t imagine the new Las Vegas resident will disappear from The D anytime soon.

He’s 6-foot tall, weighs 500 pounds and is most likely under 24-hour casino surveillance.

The original is from the early 1600s and has been stolen from its perch near Town Hall in Brussels more than a handful of times.

Manneken Pis is more than just a fountain in Belgium – he’s pretty much a contributing member of society and often serves as the centerpiece for festivals.

Fremont County Judge Timothy O'Grady said prosecutors failed to prove the club wasn't a theater.