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Saari's work with addicts on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and a research study she conducted over the past decade, have led her to believe that trauma needs more attention and funding to help prevent it from turning into PTSD and turning more people into drug addicts who then put themselves at risk of overdose.

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We hear from educators within traditional public and charter schools — and we want to hear from you, too.

[Havoc] Ready for war, ready for anything But doing this for everything Y'all niggas know my pedigree Forty first side, blood run through my veins Got everything to gain Like to stock and change Got shorty in the hood on the ankle rocking my name Words that I spit, it's my brain and pipe game Call me your natural ?

Perhaps they even find habitable words, some teeming with life (typically humans with different-colored skin), and they trade, colonize, conquer or are conquered.

Pretty much, they do as humans have always done since the dawn of their time on Earth.

It takes light about eight minutes to get to our sun, three years to get to the next-nearest star, 27,000 years to get to the center of our own galaxy and more than 2 million years to get to the next galaxy.