Todd herzog and spencer duhm still dating

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I don't understand why people continue to place any trust in Spencer. Just so bummed that Abi once again gets voted out right before the finale.

Do they not remember Jeremy saying, in front of everyone, that he would have played an idol for Spencer? Any one of Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer, or Wentworth would be an excellent winner for this season. The next vote will be VERY interesting since Jeremy and Wentworth have to play their idols. The tease in the preview about "for the first time in 30 seasons..." PLEASE tell me it's about all votes not counting because Wentworth and Jeremy play their idols. Just hoping Keith and Kimmi are next, and we could have a final 4 where I would be satisfied with any of them winning. He must be so not fun to be around in his daily life. v=b C0mk HNWq Sg Rooting for my girl Tasha to take this one home. My feelings about the likelihood of a Tasha win have gotten better in the last episode or two. Really, 4/6 people left would make sense as a winner. Also, I think I've deduced Psycho Queen's vote for Keith: she actually thought she was with Jeremy/Tasha/Kimmi, who told her they were voting for Keith.

Sorry Kimmi, no one fucking care about your vegan ass. It is cool that there are 4 viable option for the winner going into the finale.

So now watch Keith or Kimmi win as the ultimate fuck you to the fans!

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