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I briefly worried that he was collapsing, Casey Abrams-style. Mouth open to catch the confetti as if it were snow. " -– just barely edging out Casey's gripe that the final two are just learning cursive.)So after a night of "Idol" superstar matchups -- James and Judas Priest; Jacob Lusk with Kirk Franklin and Gladys Knight; Haley Reinhart and Tony Bennett; Casey Abrams and Jack Black (and several "fat-bottomed girls"); Scotty and Tim Mc Graw; Lauren and Carrie Underwood; judge Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony -- and star turns by everyone from Beyonce (twice) to Bono to Lady Gaga to TLC to Tom Jones to judge Steven Tyler, a new superstar was minted. (The last female "Idol" winner was Jordin Sparks in 2007.) But it's hard to begrudge a sweet boy like Scotty a win.

And he's given us hope for more Lauren-Scotty duets.

But possibly the show's biggest draw was its ability to pluck Americans out of obscurity and make them stars.

This was proved over and over again with not just its winners, but many of the contestants who found fame even without the guaranteed recording contract. "The Voice" is in its 10th season and has still yet to create a music superstar.

Good news, Asheville vocalists: The American Idol tour bus is officially making a stop in Asheville on Sunday. Over the summer, the space was given the go-ahead to be repurposed for a number of temporary uses, including a pop-up garden and patio-park area.