Icetv guide not updating

With the increasing popularity of Computers or NAS servers like JRiver Media Center being used to record digital free to air TV shows Ice TV has decided to provide a cheaper Australian XMLTV EPG subscription option.It is ideal for customers who wish to use the Ice TV Australian XMLTV EPG feed but are not able to use Ice TVs Full Service with Smart Recording.

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From 2006 to 2009, Ice TV was embroiled in a long and drawn-out legal battle with Nine Entertainment over its guide, but after verdict and appeal and counter-appeal, Ice TV won a landmark judgment.

After the 2009 verdict Ice TV continued to offer its subscription EPG, priced around $99 per year before loyalty discounts, and continued development on new features and support for new digital TV recorders — as well as developing its own device.

Ice TV was placed into voluntary administration on 6 October 2015.

The business of Ice TV Pty Ltd was purchased from the Administrator/Liquidator on 6 January 2016 and TV TV Australia Pty Limited, a company owned by founder Colin O'Brien, now trades using the name Ice TV.

Ice TV delivers a curated, 7 day electronic program guide (EPG) for Australian free-to-air TV, which is provided as a feed to Ice TV’s compatible recording devices or to EPG aggregators for on-sale to their customers.