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Ie if they completely change how the game works, or it takes the game from a point of not really being playable (eg Gem RB) to being feature complete.

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Queen of the South are moving ahead with plans for a £600,000 revamp of the old Tesco building at Palmerston.

The club have applied for funding from an unnamed source to help pay for the creation of two indoor seven-a-side 3G pitches within the old supermarket.

However, the brilliance of their online strategy is in the massive network of niche online classified advertising titles in all key classified markets – recruitment, property, motors, personal finance, and dating.

Collectively this means the AND Advertising Network comprises 60 websites with a monthly UK internet population reach of 26% (9 million people per month).

We are looking forward to the Good Evening Swing Dance on Sunday 24th of March at New Cross/Deptfords best hangout: The Royal Albert. This fresh and lively evening of dance and music will put a rousing swing in your step!!!