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Why cannot I simply use a filter to modify the headers. Http Session; import logging.*; public class My Filter Example implements javax.servlet.

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Recently, I came across a project in which I was supposed to modify the Http headers of the request going to a different server.

Like a superhuman, I thought it was a piece of cake; But after a lot of brainstorming, brute-forcing and caffeine intake I realized it wasn’t that simple. Now, before you folks get mad and swear at me, let me explain you the problem and how I tried to solve it, how miserably I failed and finally how I got around it by a simple trick. What I had to do was simple, upon a user event (assume a mouse click) I needed to calculate a value and insert it into the header of a new request. This new request is not on the same server but on a different server where I have very little control.

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