Couple meets after 5 years of dating

You may recall that Tinder is flying the pair to Maui for a date after hearing about their story, but they actually met for the first time this morning. Josh and Michelle met face-to-face on Good Morning America today.

She added: 'It was good and very interesting to see so much of the island because when I was there young people couldn't afford the bus fares or weren't allowed to walk too far from home so we hardly knew anywhere apart from the area we lived in.

Their odd story took the internet by storm and they are now America’s most famous Tinder couple.

We all get busy, and sometimes we can’t find the time to squeeze a date into the schedule, but let’s face it, college kids are not normally who comes to mind when you think of really busy people who cant find the time to meet.

Every single person familiar with online dating has finally noticed that months old message and decided, “It’s too late to respond” and moved on.