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Being foot loose and fancy free, I do no see any problem with lifelong celibacy.

I am happy with myself, good at being alone, and grateful for everything in my life. Please bear with my logorrhea:-p I am an only child from a family that places paramountcy on intellectual advancement.

I'm 49 years old now and my son is 25 and I have two granddaughter, one is 4 and the other is 2 months are they live in CA so it's now time for my life and I'm ready to take on my journey of being who I truly am. I don't like to cook but will cook for you if you show your affection to me.

I have not told my son yet but if I find a relationship like I want I have no problems telling him and I know he would be so accepting of that. Your baggage would not scare me if mine would not push you away either. We need to mutually and almost equally give up some of our comfort to achieve two people's harmony.

As far as we’re concerned, compatibility is the key.