Updating a form in ms access welke datingsites zijn echt gratis

If you select Payment Total then that will be your Control Source.

Then tell the form to populate the box from the unbound text box in an Event Procedure.

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I have a form created using a query where nine payments are tracked by date. My form is totaling the payments because of the following in the Control Source of the properties for the “Payment Total”: =[txt Payment1Amount] [txt Payment2Amount] [txt Payment3Amount] [txt Payment4Amount] [txt Payment5Amount] [txt Payment6Amount] [txt Payment7Amount] [txt Payment8Amount] [txt Payment9Amount]My problem is the table that should be updated when the form is closed is not picking up the total. jrtaylor jrtaylor, I think by your explanation that you have an UNBOUND textbox on your form.

How to I get the table updated when the Payment Total field is change? If the textbox Control Source starts with "=" then it is unbound. If you want update the value create another text box using the Field List box from the tool bar.

Instead of writing your idea down on a piece of paper, you can attach typewritten notes directly to the form. Click the window’s “Other” tab to display the Expression Builder window.

These notes, which don’t become part of the Access database, stay with the form and appear when you view them. Click the “Design” tab on the Access toolbar and click the “Text Box” control. Type text into the window’s text box and surround the text with quotation marks, as shown in the following example: “This is my note” 5.

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