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If you have a multimeter, then you can easily test it, or ask help from a tech savvy friend or local expert. In this case set a fixed local IP address to the computer’s LAN interface. Check whether no firewall or antivirus software blocks the communication.

It could be a smart solution to check the power adapter with a multimeter or tester unit in order to see whether the problem comes from the power supply or from the device itself. Connect the camera directly to a PC via an Ethernet cable, and check if the indicator LEDs blink. Please test the camera on another PC, preferably with another LAN network. Please connect the IP camera first with an Ethernet (LAN) cable to your router. Run the included IP camera tool software from the CD to determine the IP address. Enter the IP address with the port number to the web browser (Internet Exlorer recommended).

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The camera automatically starts transferring the queued images to your smartphone when the camera is turned off.

[Auto Transfer] is OFF While [Auto Transfer] is set to OFF, the images you shoot are not added to the transfer queue list.

Default username and password can be found on the sticker on the camera unit or in the user manual. It's not possible to connect an IP camera to a DVR. It means that you can connect an analog so called "CCTV" camera to a DVR.

Generally IP cameras can record video to a PC hard disk drive.

This info can be from any type of device including web servers, routers, webcams, SCADA systems, home security systems, and basically anything that has a web interface, which in 2014, means just about everything.