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My wife and I have been doing this for a number of years and we have yet to see another women dressed to show her nipples. ... She is in her 40's and has the **** of a 25 year old. My fantasy was to get my wife wearing a see thru top, no bra, on nights we go away from home where no one knows us. we were invited to a party and the theme was naughty.

our friends are not that naughty so we were expecting short skirts and maybe a little cleavage...

The principle emphasis and interest belongs to the first which must be sounded purely.

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Type a lower case O if you would like its eye to be open.

I want to enter an image into an online competition but the size needs to be less than 3 MB. How do I reduce the size of the image in either elements or iphoto?

I get confused by the different ways of measuring the images.

Ecclesiastical Latin refers to the pronunciation and usages of Latin by the Catholic Church.

Its introduction to Gregorian Chant is also invaluable.