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This year, we’ve frequently made nods to the fact that this Merriweather season is the 50th, full of shows where MPP “Greatest Hits” veterans will return to fill the venue with their respective sweet sounds.

Now, we’ve nailed down the official Anniversary Concert, with Jackson Browne (returning to where he recorded “Running On Empty” in 1977!

Nelson and Haggard were indeed as close as family, with their musical and personal bonds dating back to long before that first collaboration, and spanning through Haggard's death today at the age of 79. "It's a mutual-admiration society with us," Nelson said in an interview promoting their new music. There's not anyone out there that can beat him." Haggard once admitted a big crush on Dolly Parton, with whom he toured in 19. "We lost a true hero today and I am very, very sad to say a true friend.

Their many collaborations included a few songs on Parton's own television show. Rest easy, Merle." Movie legend Clint Eastwood worked with Haggard on the 1980 Wild West film, , "and the song even made it to Number One during that era. I will always be eternally grateful," Simpson writes.

He was excited to be there since he didn’t consider himself an actor — he was learning as he went.