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Having been shoved into the dingy showroom as part of a tour, neither Mrs Money Saving Expert nor I were interested, but the American family next to us started keenly engaging in whispered discussions of what to offer.

Scratching my vocational itch, I interrupted and suggested they offer a tenth of the price.

But other files released yesterday include some 73 git repositories exposing what appears to be source code for the Ashley Madison web site and mobile property.

Though the content of these will be of little interest to most journalists, they pose a threat to what's left of ALM's business, since other attackers can now study the code for vulnerabilities they could use to exploit and further subvert the site, making it difficult for ALM to ensure continuing customers that their data is secure.

The release of source code is also problematic for another reason—it exposes the company's intellectual property to anyone who wants to design a similar business.