dating filipinas - Utorrent tracker updating stuck

Chris, In utorrent, if you limit your upload to 5KB/sec or lower, it limits your download to about 6 times your upload; Upload = Download1KB/sec = 6 KB/sec2KB/sec = 12 KB/sec3KB/sec = 18 KB/sec4KB/sec = 18 KB/sec5KB/sec = 30 KB/sec hi guys just having problems too i have just gotten opus cable from dial-up and using u Torrent and other such programs etc. edit: WP Wiki: torrent_ii Net, BT_Questions Stickies: forum-replies.cfm? t=462471u Torrent FAQ: max out downloading at 30kb/s and alot of people are having troubles geting desired speed y is this?

f=4&t=12307&p=65183&hilit=passkey#p65183 [quote] Re: Batch change tracker information Unread postby Mister E ยป Fri Jun 21, 2013 am Yes please do reply and thank you Rick for keeping this alive. With Transmission-Qt (which also works on Mac OSX) you just set the tracker filter, select all, open Torrent Properties - To use this with the Mac client you have to enable "Allow remote access".

I understad this feature is probably not needed by most users but, when you're seeding thousands of torrents and need to change a passkey or tracker it's very very painful as it is. As I said, I know nothing about Transmission-Mac, so the option could be somewhere in the Preferences, or in if that app also uses that file.

--2013-08-06: Version 3.3.1 (build 30003) - Fix: Update Problem --2013-07-29: Version 3.3.1 (build 29988) - Fix: XP update problem - Fix: Multiple crash fixes --2013-07-20: Version 3.3.1 (build 29963) - Fix: Tray icon for XP not showing in some cases - Fix: Crash update crash on XP --2013-07-15: Version 3.3.1 (build 29938) - Fix: Client shutdown failure on uninstall - Fix: Twitter, Facebook icons offset - Change: Clarify text for downgrades - Change: log the error code if file deletion failed --2013-06-19: Version 3.3.1 (build 29812) - Fix: Installer shutdown issue --2013-06-13: Version 3.3.1 (build 29801) - Fix: ??

--2013-06-06: Version 3.3.1 (build 29782) - Fix: ??

hi, My u Torrent has been stuck on 30kb/s for a LONG time now, I've tried many different torrents and all i get is 30kb/s and I'm cable.