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He still does consider himself good friends with Ed. He enjoys nuts, and has a car with a giant acorn for a roof. Also they ride unicycles as in "Best Ed The Movie". Quacken (voiced by Jamie Watson) - A tall green duck who wears glasses and a white jacket. Whenever he gives Buddy the bill, he uses "duck bill humor". Heiny appears to have a temper as he was yelling most of the time.

He was part of a club devoted to the nerdy role playing game Battle Buddies awhile ago. He loves playing golf, and does not know what club to use on the ninth hole. Whithey, Blakie and Red - Three squirrels who attended the same college as Buddy.

On July 2, 2006, an encore of the one-hour pilot aired on Nicktoons Network, with the full series commencing on Saturday, November 18, 2006.

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Angela Yee was born in Brooklyn, New York of United States.

She is popular with the show named The Breakfast Club where she is making her wonderful presence being as a co-host. She is running the program with collaboration of DJ Envy.

She completed her education from Wesleyan University with the major subject in English who aimed her career to be a writer.

But unfortunately she was dragged towards the marketing field and along with this attraction upon the music industry.

Her mother is a west- Indian and her father was a Cantonese.